Bet on the Redskins - Redskins Game for Week 10

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Week 10 Betting Action: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins
When: Sunday November 13 2011 2:00 PM ET
TV coverage: FOX - 2:00 PM ET
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Our Analysts' Commentary and Picks

Bob Cuff Bob Cuff

Bob Cuff here with another 50* lock that will boost your bank account. This weekend, we've got the Washington Redskins playing the Miami Dolphins in a memorable game. Memorable, that is, because your bookie will be forking over a wad of cash to you and your buddies if you take the Redskins for a win in a game that will probably be very close right up until the 2 minute warning. Don't be fooled by the hype and arm-chair football experts. I carefully analyze each game right down to the type of grass on the field. Really. So write yourself a paycheck taking the Redskins for a clear cut win against the sometimes flakey Dolphins.

Jermoe Davis Jerome Davis

Alright Guys n' Gals :) - sports betting could never be more profitable or enjoyable with the Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins game. That said, I've got a 20* "Lock of the Week" loaded and ready, and here it is: take the Dolphins as your chance to make EASY money at the sportsbooks. My record for all sports this year is 105-41, so how can you afford NOT to bet with me and the Dolphins? ...Yea, I thought so. This one has money written all over it, and the Dolphins will be writing you a slammin' check for your WINNING bet.

Art Bonefunkle Art Bonefunkle

My friend Wally is a real Ace when it comes to football, but so far this season it's been ME whose had the winning streak. This weekend will continue in similar fashion, with the Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins game. The fundamentals of the game point towards a Dolphins run away victory, but my gut tells me differently. You shouldn't ever count out the Redskins, a legendary NFL franchise that has had its ups and downs (like any other team), but always knows when it's game time. Their upcoming game against the Dolphins is no exception, and I'm going against the grain and taking Washington for the win. F@ck Wally, he's never been a Redskins fan...but you don't have to be one, just bet them NOW and put a down payment on a new Big Screen TV. Your winnings at the sportsbooks after this game will put that sucker right in your den in no time. So, my 35*, lights out lock of the week is taking the Redskins over the Miami Dolphins. Good luck and win big!

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