Bet on the Redskins - Redskins Game for Week 10

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Week 10 Betting Action: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins
When: Sunday November 13 2011 2:00 PM ET
TV coverage: FOX - 2:00 PM ET
Washington Redskins Summary Stats

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Our Analysts' Commentary and Picks

Bob Cuff Bob Cuff

My pick from last week's NFL contest didn't go so well, but this week I'm back in full force with a lock for the Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins game. Also, remember my record for week to week NFL wins is still better than 59%, making my picks a safe investment. So, that said, I think it will be the Dolphins that lose this one in the final moment of the game, giving the Redskins a HUGE opportunity to swoop in and bring it home. Let's face it, the Washington Redskins squad has their opponents beat by a mile. Don't believe me? Well you'll find out for sure Tuesday morning when you either lose your money or collect on my first rate prediction.

Jermoe Davis Jerome Davis

Don't be trippin on me...if you think for one moment that the Dolphins have a chance in a million of winning their game against the Redskins, you're dead wrong. I've been following the Miami Dolphins closely, and I'm fairly - ahem ABSOLUTELY - certain they can barely put 1 and 1 together let alone a good enough defense to compete with the Redskins. Therefore, my 25* lock of the month is obvious: the Washington Redskins got this one easy!

Art Bonefunkle Art Bonefunkle

What a night -- first, it was Irish car bombs, and then we moved east to Jagermeister shots. Needless to say, I woke up this morning with my head in the can and have been sucking down water ever since. That little anecdote aside, the Redskins vs Dolphins game schedule for this week offers a great chance to recover some money from your bookie if you're in a bad rut. My analysis says the Washington Redskins should win this game fairly easily. If you beg to disagree, that's fine, you're an @sshole and the world is full of them. KIDDING OF COURSE :) . Football is as much about brains as it is about braun. The brains have had their weekly mind-meeting, and the result is clear: take the Redskins for a stylish win over the Dolphins. Why stylish? Because after you cash your ticket, you'll have enough cash to buy that Armani suit you always wanted. REALLY. Stay on the winning team and bet my Redskins win over the lackluster Miami Dolphins.

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