March Madness Betting

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Calling all College Basketball sports fans! March Madness Betting is here once again, and the team at has gone near and far to provide you with the best online sports betting sites.

Every year, the NCAA dazzles the world with its showcase of college basketball talent, picking 65 teams from a field of hundreds of eligible NCAA Div 1 basketball teams. Only the best of the best make it to the magical Final Four, where the national championship is just one game away.

Typically, many people like to fill out their brackets and throw $10 in the office pool. While this may make for great water cooler conversation, you’re completely missing out on the chance to win thousands, if not millions of dollars. All the top online sportsbooks sponsor million dollar bracket contests, and even if you don’t have a perfect bracket, you can still will by betting on your favorite games.

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The first round of action is probably the safest time to bet, since most games are fairly predictable. Except on rare occassions, most #1 and #2 teams make their way to round two. This means that betting on these teams (even though they’re the clear favorites) can be great for making a little extra cash. Forget winning your office pool’s $100 jackpot – now, with online sportsbooks, you can bet as much as you want, and make tons of money of the course of the entire tournament.

Parlay bets are also favored by many bettors. For example, a 4 team parlay on all the #1 seeds making it to round two is generally thought of as easy money. You won’t be facing long odds (nor will your payout be huge) but you’ll still make money on the deal.

So, take a break from the NFL and let take you to March Madness Betting nirvana. Get in on the action now – games are about to start, and you don’t want to be left out in cold of winter.

Have Fun!